Introducing The "Local SEO Intel Toolbox"



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Revolutionary New Software That
Finds Targeted Leads &
Shows You Their Weak-Spots So You Know
Exactly What Services To Offer Them...
All At The Click Of a Single Button!!!

Finding new leads for your Offline Marketing Business can be a slow and lengthy process.

Sure there’s a few tools out there that scrape contact information from directories and Google Maps, and some even go as far as checking whether the owner has claimed/verified their listings, but none of those really let you know How to approach these businesses, or what services to offer them that will have dramatic effects on their rankings.

Until now that is…

Introducing The “Local SEO Intel Toolbox”

With the ” Local SEO Intel Toolbox” you can:

  • Find “Unclaimed” local listings
  • Get all of their Contact Details (Email, Address, Telephone, Website)

You can also check All of the Elements that are known to help improve local rankings – things like…

  • How many Videos they’ve uploaded
  • How many Pictures they’ve uploaded
  • The number of Reviews they have*
  • The number of Citations they’ve got*
  • How many User Reviews they have had
  • What Categories they’re listed under
  • The Owners Description – Check how well the owner has optimized the page

And Automatically check whether they’re Using the Keyword in:

  • The Description
  • The Business Name
  • The Website Address
  • The Categories they’re listed in

*You can even extract the URLs of all of their Citations and Reviews!

So if you’ve ever asked yourself “Where else should I get this business listed? That I know Google look at?” this tool will tell you!

All of This Happens Automatically – At The Press Of a Single Button!

And this is just for starters!

Once you’ve identified your prospects, how would you like to also check how well optimized for local search their existing website is?

No Problem!

Local SEO Intel also checks things like:

  • Do they have an XML sitemap?
  • Do they have a KML file?
  • Is there an address visible on their site that matches their local listing?
  • Are they using any Micro-Formats onsite (Yahoo, Bing, and Google have all confirmed they use these for local listings)

Did we mention that ALL of this information can be exported to a CSV file? Or you can save it all in the database for future use!

Once you’ve analyzed your prospects local listing/website, you’ll need to get in contact with them right?

Are You a Direct Mailer? You can Mail-Merge any or all of your results through MS Word (OpenOffice coming soon)!

Prefer contacting them by Email? No problem – use the built in, full html editor (built in spellcheck) to create your emails, insert any of the information you’ve extracted within your email, and hit “Send” – done!

Want to create a Personalized Page for them on your WordPress Blog? Sure! Local SEO Toolbox is fully integrated with WP Personalizer so you’ll be able to create a Personalized URL pointing to a page on your blog, where you can insert any (or all!) of the information you’ve extracted.

This Really Is A 1-2 Knockout Combo!

And this is just the beginning – we have some awesome new features in the pipeline already!

Enough Talk – Watch The Video Below to See it In Action:

[s3mv]LocalSEOIntel Overview.mp4,480,360,false,false[/s3mv]

Now we’d be the first to agree “It Ain’t Pretty!” – but we’ll let other people concentrate on looks, while we Focus On Power!!

We do of course reserve the right to give it a facelift in the future…!

Now – Let’s Talk Money…! You know it’s not free right?!

We know we could easily charge $397 or more for LSI – and you’ll agree once you’ve seen it in action for yourself.

However we believe in giving Exceptional Value – Which is why we’re pricing this $247.00 during the launch.

But we’re still relatively new on the block, and we’re leading up to the full launch & want to generate as much buzz as possible about Local SEO Intel, so in keeping with the age old tradition, we’ve decided to

Make You An Offer You Can’t Refuse…!

Retail Price: $247.00…

Pre-Launch Price $197.00!

(Get it Fast though, this price Will Increase Soon!)


If you act now, we’re also giving you the following two bonuses:


A stand-alone version of the “Citation Snatcher” tool – if all you need to do is find more places to get your clients listed on, fire this baby up and let it do the grunt work.

See it finding 1,433 citations in 23 seconds!




Need to find out where the high-rankers are getting their Reviews listed? Fire up the stand-alone “Review Wrangler” and it’ll tell you!

Watch it here – 594 Reviews in 8 seconds!



Our 14 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

All of This is of course covered by our “14 Day No Quibble, 100% Money Back if You’re Not Satisfied Guarantee”. If you’re unhappy in any way with your purchase within this time send us an email and we’ll refund your purchase with no questions asked!

You Literally Have Nothing To Lose!